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March 2009 Blog Posts (17)

User-led Science - A special issue of the Journal of Science Communication

More Information via http://jcom.sissa.it/call

Call for articles via Alessandro Delfanti:

“Science is increasingly being produced, discussed and deliberated with cooperative tools by web users and without the istitutionalized presence of scientists. “Popular science” or “Citizen science” are two of the traditional ways of defining science grassroots produced outside the walls of laboratories. But the internet has changed the way of collecting and organising the… Continue

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‘Alternative Economy Cultures’ (alt.econ.cult) programme on April 3rd & 5th in Helsinki

Via http://2009.pixelache.ac/festival/programme/alternative-economy-cultures/:

The ‘Alternative Economy Cultures’ (alt.econ.cult) programme on April 3rd & 5th brings together leading international and Finnish thinkers, cultural practitioners and activists, to present alternative economic visions.

The seminar aims to tackle not just the financial, but the social, cultural, institutional, human, material, emotional and intellectual forms of capital. Not just about… Continue

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March Integral Leadership Rview

Access and subscriptions are free at http://www.integralleadershipreview.com

Next issue: June 2009. We welcome your article and information submissions.



Table of Contents, March 2009

* Leadership Quote: Steven Cornell, Miriam Jorgensen, Joseph P. Kalt and Katherine Spilde Contreras

* Leading Comments: Russ Volckmann, This Issue

* Leadership… Continue

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Conferencia Inaugural del II Seminario Internacional Capitalismo Cognitivo – Economía del Conocimiento y Constitución de lo Común. 24 y 25 de octubre de 2005, Río de Janeiro. Organizado por la Red Universidad Nómade y por la Red de Informaciones para el tercer Sector (RITS).

Original en portugués via…


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Barcelona, March 31: Liberté, égalité, P2P: Shared Culture and peer innovation from below

Liberté, égalité, P2P: Shared Culture and peer innovation from below

Tuesday, March 31, 2009 at 7:00pm, CCCB. BARCELONA

The Peer-to-Peer - P2P file-sharing networks go beyond the use that is generally made of the new technologies, which is to say exchanges of music and films. It is essentially based on shared power and widely distributed access to resources in a participative design of social processes in which nobody is excluded. Everything seems to suggest… Continue

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Meet “TRAFICANTES DE SUEÑOS” a spanish speaking copyleft publishing house and much more

If you are in the vicinity of Universidad Nacional de Colombia in Bogotá tomorrow 25th do not hesitate and pop in!!, if you are not around use the online connection (1 and 2) and you can still join us!!

Traficantes de sueños (Dream Traffickers) has been an emblematic project for years, it has grown up not only as an… Continue

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Micronomics seminar in Brussels on MayDay

More info via Jim Segers at

Micronomics, which studies alternative economic forms, particularly suited for 'minipreneurs', is at



As part of the MICRONOMICS, City Mine(d) together with other micro-initiatives, researchers and policy makers organise the MICRONOMICS action-research.

The aim is to:

-define micro-initiatives,

-identify their contribution to urban and economic… Continue

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Interview with Derrick de Kerckhove

Derrick de Kerckhove, Director of the McLuhan Program of Culture and Technology in the University of Toronto was recently interviewd at Citilab- Cornellà - watch the interview here, read the transcript: English,… Continue

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Cause against Argentinian professor for uploading texts by Derrida

Last week I reproduced in my blog a post by argentinian blogger Patricio Lorente who was telling of another “piracy” related criminal suit. The special situation in this case is that the criminal offender is a professor at an Argentinian university that has been doing what many professors… Continue

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The Art + Politics of P2P in Bristol on March 24

The Art + Politics of P2P

24 March, 19.00

Arnolfini, Bristol, UK


Michel Bauwens

Respondents: Matthew Fuller and Olga Goriunova

The presentation introduces the work of the Foundation for Peer-to-Peer Alternatives - a clearing house for open/free, participatory/p2p and commons-oriented initiatives. The interest is in how P2P networks challenge hierarchical server-client relations and provide an alternative organisational principle for understanding… Continue

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Engage Media is hiring

Via and@engagemedia.org

Do you want to work with EngageMedia?

We currently have two positions available:

1. Coordinating Editor

This role will focus on managing content on the EngageMedia.org website, increasing the effectiveness of the site as a tool to affect social and environmental change and increasing the usefulness of the site to its users by communicating their needs to the technical team.

2. Indonesian Training and… Continue

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Grave threats to internet freedoms concocted by European parliament

Dear European friends,

Monica Horten warns us that we should be very concerned!!

From http://www.iptegrity.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=270&Itemid=9 :

Poisoned fish in the Trautmann report

Written by Monica Horten

Mar 05, 2009 at 11:58 PM

Interconnection of ‘restricted' networks. ‘Fair and reasonable access' proposed as substitute for end-to-end connectivity. Users rights to be limited by 'traffic management… Continue

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Alternative Economy Cultures: workshops in Helsinki April 3 to 5

Via Andrew Paterson:

The ‘Alternative Economy Cultures’ (alt.econ.cult) programme explores relationships between networked cultural praxis and economics.

Alternative economic systems to the free-market capitalist one have been employed and practiced on various scales, offering applications and solutions to raising and distributing financial capital locally and trans-nationally. On the other hand, network culture and research by activists, in particular, has contributed… Continue

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The Fourth International Workshop on Dependable and Sustainable Peer-to-Peer Systems (DAS-P2P 2009)

Not clear when the date is, you may want to ask Kenji Saito

In conjunction with the 6th Annual IEEE Consumer Communications & Networking Conference (CCNC 2009)

Past Workshops

* DAS-P2P 2008

* DAS-P2P 2007

* DAS-P2P 2006


The Fourth International Workshop on Dependable and Sustainable Peer-to-Peer Systems (DAS-P2P 2009) is a workshop that focuses on dependability and sustainability of peer-to-peer (P2P) systems,… Continue

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P2P Lecture: Milan, March 19, 2009

Seminari sull'Economia Creativa

Facoltà di Scienze e Politiche

Time: 5:00pm - 7:00pm

Location: Aula 24, Facoltà di Scienze Politiche, via Conservatorio 7

Milano, Italy


Quale futuro per le industrie creative milanesi?


In Italia, come nel resto dell’Europa si parla ormai di “industrie creative” e di “lavoro creativo” come fonte importante di… Continue

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the documentary about the biggest event of free Culture ever, The oXcars, The Movie.




Hi everybody,

we release the documentary about the biggest event of free Culture ever, The oXcars, The Movie.

Here the resume (clic on subtitles) and the full lenght (70 minutes):


On the same page of the oXcars (http://exgae.net/exgae-multiply-and-share-forth/theoxcars) you are going to be able to found its best version (we still need few… Continue

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