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Launch of new 'Radical Realities' zine of the Alternate (G8) Collective in Birmingham

Via Nicolas Ripley:

“Alternate have published our first e-zine, Radical Realities, with contributions from John Hilary, Dr. Nafeez Mosaddeq Ahmed, Heather Marsh and Michel Bauwens.

The Alternate Collective was formed out of Occupy Birmingham, UK. The collective comprises of radical practitioners that promote and publish about democratic and cooperative governance. We aim to propose practical solutions, to envisage what a ‘new settlement’ could comprise of for European citizens. This is a practice developed out of the occupation, where we sought to canvas and write our own responses to the budgets proposed by the UK government.

We felt that merely seeking to protest against Austerity and the financial domination of the economy by corporate interests was insufficient. On seeing the G8 was to meet in Northern Ireland, during June 2013 we spent several months of prior research, to identify the agenda and to call upon practitioners, theorists and academics who could not only present a critique about the G8 but inform a conference on alternative approaches. To point out the many paths which exist to enable a sustainable society, in the common interest, that mainstream media outlets, by and large, ignore.

This first edition of radical Realities will shortly be followed by a second edition, featuring transcripts of speeches from Dave Boyle, Prem Sikka and Nick Dearden, who also spoke at the Alternate G8 conference.

We anticipate further editions of Radical Realities, supported by a new and growing platform that engages those interested in developing practical policy alternatives to those that European governments and inter-governmental institutions have foisted upon the worlds citizens.

The zine can be found at www.alternateg8.com

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