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September 2012 Blog Posts (8)

November 28, 2012: Commons Day in Helsinki, Finland

via Ruby van der Wekken:

info: <rubyvdwekken@gmail.com>, 

Finnish version via https://www.facebook.com/events/294626617318493/

"Program of the Commons Day, Friday 28.9

Co-organised day on peer-to-peer production and commons by Commons.fi- online journal, Helsinki Timebank and the University of Helsinki

All events are…


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Could the Hedric Smith's Book Tour Spark a Revolution in the USA?

From a review of the book, "Who Stole the American Dream" by Robert Steele:

The book opens with reflections of Arnold Toynbee on how civilizations fall, from schisms of the society and schisms of the soul. Being an admirer of George Will's collection entitled "Statecraft as Soulcraft," this resonates with me.

The author chooses to start his account in the 1970's, focusing on Justice Powell and the memorandum that created the…


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Open sourcing Hindu/Urdu as 7th international language: the Hamari Boli initiative

Via Azad Qalamdar:

"the "Hamari Boli Initiative", an opensource People-to-People collaboration and Language Planning enterprise aimed at Hindi-Urdu (the erstwhile Hindustani. Lingua franca of South Asia & 2nd most spoken lanuage in the world) Script, Style, Style, Status & Lexical reform and modernization. 

a full-scale Language Planning initiative,…


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Beyond Anglo-Saxon dominance: capturing the spirit of innovation in Europe

Via Raf Weverbergh:

I'm in the middle of launching a continental, European site about innovation and entrepreneurship - to be clear: not a European TechCrunch/Mashable clone, because my aim is to write about more than just tech. What interests me is how people build great, innovative companies. I want to get to know the European startups and founders that will go all the way, but I also want to capture the general spirit of innovation in Europe.…


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Launch of P2P Farming and land trust project in Chiang Mai area


Via Layne Hartsell:


Request info via hartsellml@gmail.com


"Recently I wrote an article for the Journal of Nanoethics on an inspiring young philosopher/activist named Donnie Maclurcan, at the University of Technology (Sydney) and the Post-Growth Institute. The article was on the intricacies of nanotechnology and global equity in economics for the…


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A path to sustainable development for all that exists!

Don’t Give Humankind to Get Self-Fooled!

There is a Path to Sustainable Development…


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Global Frackdown Day: September 22

via Maxime Combes:

As you may know, September 22 is a Global Frackdown day to challenge all the fracking, shale gas & shale oil projects all over the world. 
All the 100 events :  …

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On Saturday 15th September: ‘Free Money Day’.

Via Donnie Maclurcan:

 On Saturday 15th September, at various locations worldwide, people will hand out their own money to complete strangers, asking recipients to pass half on to someone else.


Suggested tweet: Make some change this September 15th… then give it all away: bit.ly/freemoneyday #freemoneyday…


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