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Open sourcing Hindu/Urdu as 7th international language: the Hamari Boli initiative

Via Azad Qalamdar:

"the "Hamari Boli Initiative", an opensource People-to-People collaboration and Language Planning enterprise aimed at Hindi-Urdu (the erstwhile Hindustani. Lingua franca of South Asia & 2nd most spoken lanuage in the world) Script, Style, Style, Status & Lexical reform and modernization. 

a full-scale Language Planning initiative, HBI's primary objective is to enable --impossible otherwise-- and spur opensource content production in Hindi-Urdu by resolving the 200 year old Devanagari-Nastaliq digraphia. strictly phonetic, the "Aazaad Standard for Hindi-Urdu" categorically rejects the ongoing arabization of Roman Urdu (as in Ramadan instead of Ramzan)

debuted Project Wiki recently with 30k words and a petition to UN and SAARC governments for adoption of Hindi-Urdu as 7th Official Language in collaboration with Stanford Peace Innovation Lab. essentially, the approach is global wiki-based opensource collaboration in areas involving Hamari Boli. i.e. literature, education, bollywood, digital corpus, software/web based language tools etc. P2P communication and confidence building will be bonus effects.. 

Currently in Alpha stage, we're setting up the space and inviting Academia, Industry & Civil Soceity for formal/informal collaboration on various activities and projects under the larger Hamari Boli Initiative.

We'll be most obliged and honoured if P2P could consider supporting and collaborating on HBI and extend a most cordial invitation to grace our Partners' Board..

please take a look and share the word with individuals and organizations you feel will be interested in Indo-Pak Public Diplomacy and Hindi-Urdu opensource dev.. 

eagerly looking forward...




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