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Michel Bauwens's Blog – February 2012 Archive (12)

Stories.coop: the cooperative memory project

Marcelo Vieta:

As some of you know, I have recently started a post-doctoral fellowship at the European Research Institute on Cooperative and Social Enterprises

(affiliated with the the University of Trento), in Trento, Italy ( www.euricse.eu).

Most of you also know that…


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Is Facebook Exploiting Workers? A response from Jacob Rigi.

By Jakob Rigi

(Associate Professor ; Central European University ; Budapest)


A brief response to Chris Land’s and Steffen Bohm’s Short Essay: “They are exploiting us! Why we all work for Facebbok for free” (see: http://oowsection.org/2012/02/22/they-are-exploiting-us-why-we-all-work-for-facebook-for-free/)


The gist of the…


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Future of Buddhism, networks, and buddhist economics workshop in Bangkok by David Loy

• Friday, March 2nd, 13.30 - 16.00 – INEB platform, Ruen Roi Chanam, 666, Charoennakorn Road, Klongsarn, Bangkok:

Lecture by Dr. David R. Loy

An Opportunity to meet with David Loy directly and discuss with

him current streams and new initiatives in Buddhism (in English).

David R. Loy is a Buddhist philosopher

who writes on the interaction between

Buddhism and modernity. He has been

practicing Zen since 1971 and…


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Commons-economist Wolfgang Hoechsele on European lecture tour during the summer of 2012

The Economics of Abundance: Toward Greater Freedom, Equity andSustainability

Talks by Wolfgang Hoeschele, Summer 2012

In his book on the Economics of Abundance, see http://p2pfoundation.net/Economics_of_Abundance, Wolfgang Hoeschele develops an alternative to our present scarcity-based economy in which only things that are scarce can fetch a profit and are therefore valued,…


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Summer School in Rome: Neuroergonomics and Urban Design

International Society of Biourbanism


Open P.I.S.M. Summer School

Neuroergonomics and Urban Design

Biourbanism for a Human-Centered Sustainability and Effectiveness

Artena (Rome, Italy) - 15–23 July 2012

An authentic sustainable design must…


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America's Dvince Comedy: crowdfunding William Shanbley's documentary

VIA William Brandon Shanley



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Do It With Others: Open Call for Camp Pixelache 2012

via Andrew Paterson:

Open Call: Camp Pixelache 2012

We are organising a more compact edition of Pixelache Helsinki Festival called 'Camp Pixelache' during on 11-12 May 2012, based on previous Camp Pixelache experiments. The main venue for the event is Arbis, the Swedish-language adult education centre located close to the Finnish National Museum, in central Helsinki.

Camp Pixelache 2012 is designed around one main unconference day on Saturday 12.5, with…


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Community Dialogue in Chiang Mai: Local Economy from the ground up - From Permaculture to P2P

Organized with the assistance of Layne Hartsell:

"Sponsored by P2P Foundation and Seoul Global Study Group

When: Tuesday, February 14th at Mountain Lanna, located 60 km north of Chiang Mai.

Where: Haebarakki Farm and Mountain Lanna


2pm: Visit to Haebarakki (Sunflower) Farm, an early stage permaculture farm.

3pm: Visit to a small forestry management center, with tree nursery (also, great…


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OGDCamp, OKCon and the Open Knowledge Festival 2012 in Helsinki

via Kat Braybrooke kat.braybrooke@okfn.org:

You may have noticed from the buzz on the Web that the OKFN shared quite an announcement this morning. On September 17-22 this year, global communities will be descending on the shores…


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Congress: The Commons and Green politics

Via Silke Helfrich:

"The Green European Foundation is organising, with support of the Belgian Green foundations Oikos and Etopia, a congress discussing the commons, as a new organisational concept of managing natural resources and of developing new forms of cooperation.

The financial and economic crisis brought both the markets and the nation states into a deep systemic crisis. The congress starts from the premise that part of the solution to these crises will be found outside…


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European Forum in Rome: Income, Common Goods and Democracy // Rome 10-12 February, Teatro Valle

Throughout Europe, we are witnessing massive transfers of resources from the public to the private sphere. The political responses to the crises are defined by austerity measures and by cuts to social spending, driving Europe further into recession. 
From Greece to Spain, from London to Rome, European people are increasingly…

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New book by Phillippe Aigrain: File sharing and Open Access are the future of culture

Sharing: Culture and the Economy in the Internet Age

By Philippe Aigrain, with contribution of Suzanne Aigrain

Sharing cultural works benefits authors, culture and public

In the past fifteen years, file sharing of digital cultural works

between individuals has been at the center of a number of debates on

the future of culture itself. Sharing provides a new view of the value

of peer-to-peer sharing of digital works. Taking stock of…


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