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The End of Money as We Know It and the Future of Civilization

Tuesday, May 22, I will be the guest of Jay Taylor on his program, Turning Hard Times into Good Times.

You can listen to it live starting at 12:30 PM Pacific time (3:30 Eastern) or find it archived late Wednesday on the Voice America website, www.voiceamerica.com.

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Turning Hard Times into Good Times

The End of Money as We Know It and the Future of Civilization

May 22, 2012

Thomas H. Greco, Jr. joins us for the first time to talk about "The End of Money and the future of Civilization." Money has become nothing more than an information system. And there are emerging mechanisms for managing exchange information outside of the conventional banking system and without the use of political monies. With emerging technologies, Greco sees the potential for a shift from elite rule based on “command and control” hierarchies and military force to a more inclusive, participatory, just, harmonious, and sustainable order. What is necessary for this transformation will be a fundamental change in the way we mediate the exchange of goods and services. What role if any will gold play if Greco’s vision is to become a reality? From future theory to the immediate practical, Brian Kirwin of American Bonanza and Michel F. Bouchard of Clifton Star will talk about their respective gold mining projects. Learn More »

Missed the Live Shows? Past Episodes are available On Demand and Podcast Ready.

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