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From Scientific to Humanistic Management

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This paper is an introduction to Humanistic Management where the individual human being is the core and essential force in creating and adding values in societies, in communities and in organizational life. Humanistic Management is now appearing in the history of management as an alternative vision to Scientific Management, where the human being is viewed and exploited as a mechanical object and instrumental tool in the capitalization of maximum profitability.


The character of "Leadingship" is consistent with the 2-second paragraph of the Humanistic Movement "Equality of all human beings. No human being above another."


A central design principle in “Leadingship” is that “Everyone is leading oneself alone or together with others. Everyone operates as independent and responsible human beings based on equality, mutuality and dignity”.  "Leadership" on the other hand is focused on the opposite principle; "Someone above to lead and someone below to be led". The concept of “Leadingship” should therefore be emerging as a real alternative to “Leadership” in creating and generating the New Workplace Reality with access to personal freedom and mutual trust for everyone.

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