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Community Dialogue in Chiang Mai: Local Economy from the ground up - From Permaculture to P2P

Organized with the assistance of Layne Hartsell:

"Sponsored by P2P Foundation and Seoul Global Study Group

When: Tuesday, February 14th at Mountain Lanna, located 60 km north of Chiang Mai.

Where: Haebarakki Farm and Mountain Lanna

2pm: Visit to Haebarakki (Sunflower) Farm, an early stage permaculture farm.

3pm: Visit to a small forestry management center, with tree nursery (also, great café mochas served).

4pm: Mountain Lanna retreat center, near Haebarakki Farm and location of dialogue. Thai cuisine will be provided by a local restaurant. (100 Baht each attendee)

6pm: Closing and return to Chiang Mai to prepare for the upcoming Sustainable Economy Conference in Bangkok on the 16th and 17th.

Michel Bauwensis director of the P2P Foundation located in Chiang Mai.. The P2P Foundation is a global research collaborative monitoring the evolution of the collaborative economy. Michel Bauwens is also a founding partner of the Commons Strategy Group which organizes international conferences to seed dialogue on commons-related issues.

Layne Hartsell is a professor at Sungkyunkwan University (South Korea) in language, bioscience and philosophy of technology. Further work is in village development in Southeast Asia.

Chris Watkins is the founder of Appropedia.org, a reference site for localized, appropriate technologies, and lives in Indonesia and Australia."

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