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April 2012 Blog Posts (4)

ExploitHub launchs 'Charities and Causes Program', the P2P Foundation is part of it

ExploitHub Authors Can Now Split Their Payouts with Selected Charities.

ExploitHub, the first legitimate marketplace for validated, non-zero-day exploits, announced today the introduction of the ExploitHub Charities and Causes Program. This program allows Authors that submit exploits and other products to the ExploitHub market to split their revenue with selected charities.

Three initial charities may now receive donations via the ExploitHub revenue split mechanism as of…


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Brussels Conference: Buddhist Values in Business workshop

More infi via:

- http://laszlo-zsolnai.net/content/buddhist-values-business-and-its-potential-europe

The Buddhist Economics Research Platform, the Loden Foundation, Bhutan and the Hungarian Bhutan Friendship Society in partnership with the European SPES Forum and the European Buddhist Union organizes  an…


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Mardi 24 avril a Paris: Les nouvelles logiques collaboratives

  • Dans le cadre du programme Univers-cité, le WWF France organise une troisième rencontre autour de la notion d’« INNOVATION  »

  • « Les logiques collaboratives : des leviers vers une économie plus soutenable?»

Mardi 24 avril 2012 de 19h30 à 21h30 à La Cantine

151 rue…


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EdgeRyders 'P2P' Un/Conference in Strasbourg, June 14th-17th 2012

Vinay Gupta writes:

The Council of Europe to _fund an unconference in Strasbourg_ with a dramatically P2P component. Basically, we're doing a social network analysis of the web site, and then inviting the maximum number of people who want to meet each-other - i.e. it's a fully P2P selection process, not in the simple "competitive voting" sense, but in the sense of "maximizing the number of desired meetings in a set of possible invitees" - it's *really* decentralized in basic…


Added by Michel Bauwens on April 3, 2012 at 12:35 — 1 Comment

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