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January 2012 Blog Posts (8)

An update on Occupy Mandela Park in South Africa

via the Commoning mailing list:

From: Mandela Park Backyarders a href="mailto:admin@mpbackyarders.org.za" target="_blank">admin@mpbackyarders.org.za>

Date: Sat, 28 Jan 2012 08:22:26 +0200

Statement by those who occupied the common

28 January…


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Occupy the Rondebosch Commons: taking back the commons in South Africa

Sent by Richard Pithouse:


Take Back the Common

Thursday, January 26th, 2012 by Christopher McMichael

This Friday communities around the Cape will march from Athlone

stadium to Rondebosch commons for a three day ‘occupation’. The aim is a public space to discuss solutions to a range of issues: housing,rent…


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Bauwens: "P2P is for the 21st century, what socialism was for the 19th and 20th century"

I took the liberty to translate an interview with Michel Bauwens, by Anne-Sophie Novel (published first in French on Greensiders).  

"Peer-to-peer", often abbreviated P2P, allows for example to exchange music files or movies on the Internet. Napster, eDonkey, eMule, Kazaa or more recently Spotify ... P2P systems are prominent examples of P2P.…


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Towards a European Charter of the Commons, campaign for European Alternatives

Via over forty organisations, networks and social movements from at least seven European countries are committed to attending the forum. This will be a real opportunity to build European networks and campaigns that will take concrete forms in follow-up meetings in Spain, the UK, Romania, Bulgaria and France in the next months to continue the work begun in Rome. The emphasis on concrete campaigns will be the starting point to engage in a reflection on the revision of the EU Treaties, to…


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Creating OSE Community in Germany

Paradigms are shifting and new practical solutions are needed. This year we want to start an Open Source Ecology community in Germany and we are looking for a Dedicated Team to make this happen.

The people involved in the project will be sharing openly and for free economically significant information. We want to open source the ecology of the environmental, societal and technological systems so that we contribute directly to the creation of…


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The Future of Occupy is Published!


For several months, during the unfolding events of the Occupy movement, supporters, media and world observers have been wondering, 'where is this movement heading?'

To help provide both a signpost and a compass for that question, The Future of Occupy collective, an international initiative supporting the movement’s self-reflection, is announcing the opening of its website. It is a virtual library of…


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Peer-to-Peer and Marxism: analogies and differences

Last month I was in London where I  attended a lecture by Michel Bauwens on peer-to-peer dynamics. I wrote an article in Dutch for ‘De Wereld Morgen’. Fortunaletly, there is a edited version of the lecture on vimeo.…


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Commons-Sommerschule im Juni 2012 in Bechstedt

Via Silke Helfrich:

Im Juni 2012 wird im Kulturhof im Thüringischen Bechstedt die 1. deutschsprachige Sommerschule für Commons stattfinden, auf die ich mich jetzt schon freue. Das vorläufige Programm, das sich…


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