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Carlos Boyle's Blog – January 2009 Archive (4)

To download Viral Spiral

You can download David Bollier´s Viral Spiral from here
It´s a good book from page 146 (pdf) onwords.
Enjoy it

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Gapminder, a very powerfull tool

Amigos, the graph you are seeing illustrates

my last post
, it was done with the




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Renew America together

Wach these videos, then you will understand that Obama bets to social networks hard.

Let us see the real impact on january 19th journey.

The trhee words moto Renew America together joins "renew" and "together" through America.

The phrase can be slplit in two: "Renew America", you Renew America and "America together", let us all go together. Obama and his wife will be present on that journey, they´ll all renew America… Continue

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The Iroquois Gens

You may have read Frederick Engels’ book Origins of the Family, Private Property, and the State written in 1884. I’ll be glad if you pay attention to chapter three based on the Lewis H. Morgan’s investigations about the Iroquois Indians of the Grate lakes of North America, specially this chapter "The Iroquois… Continue

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