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Playing football with Prof. Alexander Repenning

Prof. Alexander Repenning

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He is, Alexander Repenning, who is dedicated to psychology and pedagogy of programming. He introduced the idea of anti-objecs, along with an application called Collaborative Diffusion: Programming Antiobjects. The latter is implemented in the artificial intelligence of simple games, including owrs football. Facing the challenge of creating a game for this sport, the kids with whom Repenning works intuitively focus on the players, planning the problem in order to give them a convincing artificial intelligence. The question that opens to the anti-objective is: what if the result could be achieved more efficiently by appealing to factors beyond the players, and no observable correlates almost entirely fictional?
The ball or the field are the repositories of the major activities that guide the game, is absurd. Yet Repenning have pieced together from these assumptions plausible representation of a football game: the players pass tehe ball to these who are less covered, direct shoot to the goal when all in their team are marked, and so on.

This counterintuitive inversion between what is in the foreground and background is what Repenning call an anti object .

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