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Launch of a #ows currency design competition at Occupy Wall Street

Via Matthew Slater:


Many of Wall Street's occupiers understand that austerity comes from a shortage of money, not resources, and that the right to issue money is granted by the government to a banking cartel.

Most US citizens have no understanding of what money is and how it is make artificially scarce to compel them to compete against one another in converting natural resources into "economic growth."

Money need not be a destructive force which, through interest, centralises wealth and power. The occupiers of Wall street intend to issue their own 'complementary' currency to raise awareness of the role of monetary design in the currency monetary crisis.

In order to ensure the new certificates will are as attractive and relevant as possible, we are launching a design competition, for the next seven days.

We are thankful to the p2p foundation for hosting.

The competition will be followed by a series of 'money' workshops at Liberty Plaza on Monday 24th October, and the currency launched soon after.

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