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Via Douglas Rushkoff:


"Here are the four projects we committed to seeing happen, and how to take part:

Upgrading Democracy -


Representation is a fundamental concept of our governance, but is encoded in the technology of the 18th century. The modern networked world enables a truer form of representation known variously under the names Dynamic Democracy, Liquid Democracy, and Delegable Proxy voting. This is an effort to use the net to enact these new forms of democracy. If you want to add your name to the email list to receive updates on the progress of this project go to http://upgradedemocracy.org/  


For the Upgrading Democracy conference in San Francisco spring 2012, contact Micah Daigle at micahdaigle@gmail.com. For the Democracy Hackathon in Virginia, April 28 to May 5, 2012, contact Keenan Dakota at keenan@twinoaks.org. Session notes at http://forum.contactcon.com/discussion/23/upgrading-democracy.


Local Foodsharing platform -  


Local food systems need tools that can help match needs (land, labor, tools, transportation, and more) to available resources without money acting as a barrier. Many resource-matching tools already exist. The Food MatchIt Project will identify and adapt them to specifically support the food space in a barter context. Join us and help: identify local food matching needs, inventory existing matching tools, and adapt existing tools (or maybe even build some new ones) in coordinated makeathons.


To learn more and collaborate, sign up at http://FoodMatchIt.com


“Kick-Stopper” - Crowdsourced Unfunding -


Working together in a coordinated debt strike/divestment campaign we can bring the banks back under democratic control and give teeth to the concrete demands that are being hammered out at GA’s and working groups around the country and the world. The goal of this project is to create a mechanism for organizing and coordinating large scale debt strike and divestment campaigns.


The project is explained here: http://forum.contactcon.com/discussion/33/kick-stopper#Item_1

Join or learn more here: http://groups.google.com/group/debt-strike-kick-stopper


Collaboration Matchmaking Application -


A collaboration matchmaking service bringing artists and geeks together with other sectors. This service aims to match one’s needs with the skills of the people who will openly collaborate to provide them.


More information is here: http://technoevangelist.net/collaboration-matchmaking-service/

Online General Assembly -


This group, first convened by Dan Sieradski, folded itself into the Upgrade Democracy group. But it has its own mandate: to create an online version of the General Assembly technique for consensus building.


Read about the genesis of this idea in this Contact Forum: http://forum.contactcon.com/discussion/24/online-general-assembly-b...  To join the effort, email participate@consenter.org or join the list http://groups.google.com/group/consenter

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