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Gift Finance Through P2P Gift Credit Cards

Via Paolo Cirio:


Gift Finance - P2P Gift Credit Cards Newsletter.
London, 12 October 2011.

The P2P Gift Credit Card allows you to create money and distribute it to your peers. It reverses the banks' instruments for creating and monopolizing money by giving back the power to the people to issue money democratically. Apply now for a P2P Gift Credit Card and get your first £100 of Gift Credit upon activation!
Get more rewards for any new peer that you add!

A week ago hundreds of plastic P2P Gift Credit Cards were distributed in the city center of Liverpool and in Preston for free. The community of Basic Credit Network cardholders is expanding, enabling an alternative money based on social engagement.
Look at the picture of the distribution in Liverpool on the 1st October 2011:

The next exhibition with the P2P Gift Credit Cards - Gift Finance is planned in Munich at the UAMO - Ultra Social Festival on 28th of October 2011.

New reviews of the P2P Gift Credit Cards have recently been published in different international art magazines. Take a look at the footer of the newsletter for details.

A final load of P2P Gift Credit Cards will be distributed to lucky subscribers of Neural Magazine in the next issue coming out in November 2011.

After that, it's officially announced that the limited edition of the plastic P2P Gift Credit Cards will no longer be available. In fact, from 2012, the cards won't be distributed for free or sent by snail mail. You will need to make personal request to the project's creator.

Broke? Double dip recession? Europe's credit downgraded? United States default? Did banks get bailed out again with tax payers' money? Even though they made record profits and hide them in tax havens? There might be someone playing tricks with your finances. Before you end up defrauded of all your money you should take action.

Have a look at this guide about the recent economic recession, the creation of money, credit and debt, and how we can fix the system, for example through creating money for the common people, or by having a new Bretton Woods system.
The P2P Credit Card and the Gift Economy is an idea, an innovative proposal that fulfills the laments of those who want an economic change.

Take back the power of macroeconomic know-how. We need better solutions. We need a new design for money, for economic democracy and equality now. Pick up a book or a movie from the list of critical finance documentation proposed here:
Get inspired!

Recent Reviews of P2P Gift Credit Cards:

Art Licks Magazine - Issue 5

ROOMS Art Uncovered Magazine - Issue 6

Revista Select - Brasil

Dazed & Confused Magazine - Issue 204

Credits and Thanks:

Thanks to Abandon Normal Devices Festival, which kindly supported the project and the distribution of the P2P Gift Credit Cards in Liverpool and in the North-West region UK.

And thanks to Arnolfini Gallery of Bristol who kindly supported the P2P Gift Credit Cards project since the early stages of its development: http://project.arnolfini.org.uk/f2f-p2p-2011

Thanks for your attention.
Paolo Cirio.

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