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September 2008 Blog Posts (14)

Blogtalkradio interview on p2p and the corporation

Dear friends:

Tia Carr Williams interviewed me about Peer to Peer and Relationship Capital.

See: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/TiaCarrWilliams/2008/09/30/Michel-Bauwens-talks-about-Peer-to-Peer-and-Relationship-Capital

Michel Bauwens

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Sylvain Poirier (RipplePay) creates Singles Union

Sylvain Poirier:

Here are the last news of my many projects:

I just recently created a new web site http://singlesunion.info/

with slogan "Singles of the world, unite !".

The aims are, in brief:

- To present a challenging philosophical analysis of the cruelty of

this world towards singles, that is, the people that the world

unfairly and irresponsibly condemns to the absence of love.

- To promote and implement the right to… Continue

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Camera for a Cause looks for volunteers

More about this group: http://groups.to/camerasforacause

Cameras for a Cause (C-FAC) is a volunteer network, meant to share photography (and sometimes videography) skills with campaigners, citizens, not-for-profits and anyone undertaking work for positive social change on the planet.

1. By "positive social change", we refer to those working on issues of environment, labour, conservation, education, development, IT-for-change any other such issues. We leave it open to each… Continue

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Ponoko launches Photomake: 3D printing of photos

Dear friends,

here's an announcement of the 3D printing pioneers Ponoko:


"You can now turn digital photos of your hand drawings into real life products simply by uploading them to the Ponoko website.

This means you do not need to use graphics software to make something. This significantly lowers the entry barrier for all creative people who can hand draw using pen and paper but do not know how to use design… Continue

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European telecoms package not positive for internet users

Monica Horten says that the proposed rules that will be voted on by European Parliament on September 23, do not bode well.

She writes:

"The Telecoms Package (Paquet Telecom) is a review of European telecoms law. Ordinarily, it would deal with network infrastructure and universal service and other purely telecoms matters. However, buried within it, deep in the detail, are important legal changes that relate to enforcement of copyright. These changes are a threat to civil… Continue

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A vision for 2012: Planning for extraordinary change

See http://www.visionfor2012.com/

“Priests, shamans, and holy men have been talking about the coming decade for hundreds of years, and many scholars, examining the recurring patterns of history, also foresee major upheaval on the horizon.

In this timely and insightful treatise, Petersen explains how the world and its leaders must prepare for an onslaught of potential crises, such as rapid climate change, a tipping point in the global financial system, a pandemic, or a new level… Continue

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Invitation for the Open Sustainability Network event, October 18-19, 2008

Via Curt Beckmann

Your work indicates that, like me, you believe strongly that sustainable solutions should be shared whenever possible. We are gathering together a large community of like-minded groups and people, called the Open Sustainability Network (OSN), to work on overcoming barriers to openness and collaboration. Our first conference will be at San Francisco State University on October, 18th-19th and admission is free. Your support for OSN can range from simply joining and… Continue

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An appeal to beautify our audiovisual guide

The adage "be your own media" has inspired Valentin Spirik to compile an extensive guide with annotated resources for anyone planning to make his/her own audio or video material, covering the various free software production and distribution tools available.

The guide is located here: http://p2pfoundation.net/Category:Audiovisual

It is a labour of love of two years, but now Valentin is undertaking new projects.

Though the main page has been visited more than… Continue

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The Willow Project: Open Source Robotics

Via Matt (Digiblade):

The Willow Project is a seriously cool effort to bring robotics to the

masses: think of it as Lego Mindstorms all grown up. The project

makes all their hardware and software designs open source, so anybody

with the capability can take part, downloading existing designs and

uploading their own. You don't have to be Dr Robotnik taking a break,

either - the project includes tutorials and instruction, so all you

need is the desire to… Continue

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Discovering FLOSS Manuals

A message from Adam Hyde:

"FLOSS Manuals (http://en.flossmanuals.net) is a non-profit

foundation and community creating a collection of manuals that explain

how to install and use a range of free and open source software. The

manuals are friendly and simple, and they are intended to encourage

people to explore the wide range of free and open source software.

The manuals on FLOSS Manuals are written by a community of people, who

do a variety of… Continue

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Testing out The Green Light TV

Peter Forrest reports:

"It's been a long time coming but http://www.tgl.tv is now ready for extensive testing and feedback.

I would be most grateful if you could try it out and let me have your overview, inc. any recommendations for improvements.

Please have a look at our visitors intro. film, produced by a local school, and sign up to help us extend the testing phase .

A few pointers:

* About tgl will give you useful information, inc. How… Continue

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The Democratic Socioeconomic Platform (DSeP) proposal

From Rob George, http://www.CenterSDS.com


Fellow Passengers and Crew,

The purpose of this communication is to announce and present to you a Democratic Socioeconomic Platform, in search of a Democratic Political Party.

This Democratic Socioeconomic Platform (DSeP) is available on the website of the Center for the Study of Democratic Societies at:


The purpose of this Democratic… Continue

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Call for Contributions: Fourth Oekonux Conference 27-29 March 2009

Call for Contributions

to the

4th Oekonux Conference

in collaboration with

P2P Foundation

Please distribute this text as wide as possible.

During the past decade the phenomenon of Free Software has become

successful and well-known. It is still amazing how in the realm of

software the creativity of so many volunteers leads to products which are

useful for the whole mankind. In 1999 the [1]Oekonux Project started… Continue

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Ponoko ID makes custom designed goods accessible

The following is an announcement, but companies like Ponoko deserve our support as they are bringing distributed manufacturing closer to reality:

San Francisco, CA – Now shoppers can have their goods designed and made just for them at the lowest price possible. Ponoko ID is the world’s first shopping request and match making service for manufactured goods. It’s the latest offering from Ponoko, the unique online marketplace that brings… Continue

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