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Sylvain Poirier (RipplePay) creates Singles Union

Sylvain Poirier:

Here are the last news of my many projects:

I just recently created a new web site http://singlesunion.info/
with slogan "Singles of the world, unite !".

The aims are, in brief:

- To present a challenging philosophical analysis of the cruelty of
this world towards singles, that is, the people that the world
unfairly and irresponsibly condemns to the absence of love.

- To promote and implement the right to find love in an open,
self-managed way, especially for the best people for which there is no
reason to condemn them to remain single, as is now happening. A sketch
of description of a possible efficient real-world collective dating
structure is presented.

- A forum to discuss and develop all this should be added (would you
help making it ? thanks)

You may find that these texts sound ridiculous. Of course. Our
so-called culture (and especially its "spiritual teachings") is
separated from the truth by a wall of ridicule: it sees the truth as
ridiculous, but is this the fault of the truth, or the fault of the
people that see it so ? My conclusion is that most people's thinking
habbits are damn absurd, and this is a major first cause of the
sufferings in this world. The problem is that these unfair absurdities
that dominate the minds of people, with all their absurd and crual
consequences, sound much more serious and generous than the truth, and
anyway the truth is weak and hardly has any chance to be taken
seriously. What the hell can I do to this ? Just pioneer the
exposition of the situation, no matter how it will be received.

More complementary analysis on this subject will be added later.
Before this, I had written more stuff in French, and only translated
part of it into English. One of my main philosophical texts now in
English (of much more general purpose than dating, also full of
paradoxes challenging the traditional "spiritual teachings"), is here:

This summer I have cleaned up the technical specifications of my
"Trust-forum" software project, http://trust-forum.net that aims to be
the base of a global revolution to Infoliberalism
(http://infoliberalism.info - yes I bought many domains recently).

New programmers are restarting the work from scratch, and promised to
complete the first step in 3 months, after I already tried to have
this done many times in the last years but I was as unlucky with
programmers as with girls, and this is one more overwhelming
demonstration of the necessity of this project that should finally
solve on a global level the problem of how to find online reliable
people for any purpose. I hope this time will be the right one, but I
still fear, as the new programmer has "personal problems" and gives
little news.

I will still have to refine, for the dating component of this project,
the details and formula for calculating the order in which the new
matches pictures will be reviewed.

Finally, I opened this stub where I dream to put translations from
French, of my first texts on the foundations of mathematics:

But it would be a long work to do this translation as there are many
pages, and it conflicts with my many other priorities and concerns...

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