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Invitation for the Open Sustainability Network event, October 18-19, 2008

Via Curt Beckmann

Your work indicates that, like me, you believe strongly that sustainable solutions should be shared whenever possible. We are gathering together a large community of like-minded groups and people, called the Open Sustainability Network (OSN), to work on overcoming barriers to openness and collaboration. Our first conference will be at San Francisco State University on October, 18th-19th and admission is free. Your support for OSN can range from simply joining and offering valuable passive support (granting permission to use your name and logo in our list of supporting members) to very active support (OSNCamp attendance and promotion of OSN via blogs and newsletters). To promote OSNCamp attendance, we will enable virtual attendance for those who can't be physically present.

I'd love it if you could attend OSNCamp 2008 in person or virtually. Join us as we work together to increase openness and collaboration to accelerate our respective missions!

For more information: http://opensustainabilitynetwork.org
To register for OSNCamp 2008 see: http://osncon.eventbrite.com
To see the OSN member pledge: http://www.appropedia.org/OSN_member_pledge
To see the current member list: http://www.appropedia.org/OSN_members

Note: you can pledge without attending, or attend without pledging.

Please feel free to forward this to like-minded people and organizations. Contact me with any questions. Thank you for doing the kind of work you do!

Best regards,
Curt Beckmann

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