Dante-Gabryell Monson

40, Male

Roaming Europe - Based in Brussels


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I m living some kind of a nomadic lifestyle , mostly accross Europe - attempting to converge ideas , people , ... that share a common intention ... empowering ourselves by empowering others.
How did you come across this network?
Got in touch with Michel Bauwens after reading one of hes articles on the net.

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  • Sepp Hasslberger

    Hi Dante,

    great to find you here. I resonate very much with your ideas of connecting up the world.
  • Stephen Joyce

    Hi Dante-Gabryell I’ve just joined P2P and am passionate about our species’ ability to develop it’s collaborative intelligence. If we are to turn the planet around we need the participation of just about everyone – we need a very special ‘Yahu’ (http://gettingclevertogether.com/cooperation/yahu-for-collaborative-intelligence/)
    …anyway would like to have you connect to me as a friend on this network and love to make connections for others when I know enough about them to know who to introduce them to. I hope I can do that for you in the future.

    Kind regards

    Steve J
  • John Hammink

    Hey, nice to see you here.

    I am too snoballed with work and other arrangements, but that will soon change. I am recording with a recording studio who is very p2p oriented, and also championing open certification frameworks for products.