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I'm a musician, writer, engineer, consultant and teacher in the areas of new technologies and product realisation. I am excited about open standards and open certification frameworks, as well as certification/testing and pre-certification support as a business model for small entrepreneurs.
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I spoke to Dante Gabryell-Monson as a contact in the network.

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  • SamRose

    I'll be launching an intiative to pursue this at
  • SamRose

    I found you through Dante, btw :)
  • John Hammink

    Hi there! Sorry my response has been so god-awful slow. But I've on the road for most of the spring, summer, and autumn campaigning around an Idea that I've become pretty passionate about. I'm now developing (having gotten sponsorship) a hardware device, and backend system for helping those with chronic conditions (e.g. diabetes, which is growing at an epidemic rate, according to WHO) manage their own care and medical records, while having access to information about the best medical care available (globally) through - that's right - a certification program driven by a p2p network of health care professionals. According to Al Jazeera, the medical tourism rates from the US, which were 750k in 2007 are expected to rise to 10 million by 2010.

    I have sponsorship, the project is getting funded, and even the royal organisation has taken an interest. The system is now in proof of concept phase and is going for clinical trials in Sweden. I believe, and hope, with my experience from Skype and F-Secure that I may be able to help realize this.