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Stephens’s overall goal is to be a more effective human being. He sees no difference in the importance of personal and professional development, each enhances the other.

Professional Speaker: Stephen has delivered hundreds of presentations across Canada and in Europe. His clients include the Project Management Institute (PMI), Canadian Marketing Institute (CMI), Ideas Arabia Conference and Public Relations Professionals Conference.

Writer / Author: He is the author of the best seller 'Teaching an Anthill to Fetch: Developing Collaborative Intelligence @ Work' and many articles for professional journals and newsletters.

Consultant: Has acted as the 'resiliency content expert' for one of Canada largest health care regions. He has also redesigned and implemented the overhaul of a customer service program for a large asset management company.

Facilitator: has extensive experience in group facilitation. Long (3 days +) intensive events as well as 2-4 hour sessions. Has planned and executed events for groups in excess of 700.

Certified Trainer: Using methods and processes from many areas including; improv, group dynamics, NLP, accelerated learning, communication theory, psychotherapy, story-telling and visual facilitation.

Writing, speaking and consulting about Collaborative Intelligence (CQ), group dynamics, facilitation,
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Michel Bauwens introduced me

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  • Dante-Gabryell Monson

    Hi Steve , yes , this group I guess is already rather specific , and the people relating themselves to the p2p foundation are like a little networked tribe , sharing common intentions , with a great potential for mutual empowerment. So I guess that because of my experience in relation to communicating with people relating to the p2p foundation over the last year , I already take it for granted that we interconnect our networks. :-)
    See you on the forums , on the mailing lists , or in person if you end up somewhere in a european city where I would be.
  • Arun

    Hello Friends on p2p
    Looks like we are all bogged down with crashing nasdaq, or too much cotwo!
    Saturday night,2day. Alone, with my fav poison. attempting to ponder over the imponderable...looking for a black cat in dark room on a dark night when the cat is not there.
  • Christian Siefkes

    Hi Stephen, nice to meet you. You work on collaborative intelligence looks quite interesting -- I'll need to check it out in more details...