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Inspired by the colaborations Muhamad Yunus is opening up in 20009, I am trying to redefine a grade 1 to 18 curricula so that social and economics never again get divorced - any peer to peer ways of making that zing woul be great It seems to me that the www edu crisis (from youth's personal economics and entrepreneurial access to jobs in the community to MBAs unsustainable curricula) is closely connected to global media crisis whence a neighbouring sits is

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  • Michel Bauwens

    Hi Chris,

    I'm not sure what you mean by happenings? I monitor get-togethers and conferences here at; if you have a particular 'subject matter' I could advice. Closest to our p2p network is the planned Oekonux 4 conference at the end of March in Manchester; and we are working on the creation of a Association for Peer to Peer Researchers.

    This open sustainability design unconference looks promising:

  • Josef Davies-Coates

    Hi Chris :)
  • Michel Bauwens

    No plans for London until March 2009!