• Value Networks

    2 members

    Discussions about design and implementation of value networks.  We are creating a new wiki to for the "value network" model. At this moment all info is hosted with SENSORICA

  • Peer Labour

    7 members

    For a peer to peer, transnational, common, and hyperempowered labour class movement

  • Contact Summit

    10 members

    Conceived and facilitated by Douglas Rushkoff, Contact seeks to explore and realize the greater promise of social media to promote new forms of culture, commerce, collective action, and creativity.

  • OpenKollab

    8 members

    This is an open project with the goal of catalyzing strategic confluence among related projects. Confluence: ‘a coming or flowing together, meeting, or gathering at one point’… ‘the flowing together of two or more streams’

  • P2P Awards

    6 members

    Let's design, build, and manage the P2P awards for worldwide contributions to the P2P ecosystem.

  • Oekonux

    15 members

  • Hosting P2P initiatives

    18 members

    A group for those interested in the quality and role of people hosting p2p initiatives around the ways of organizing learning, work, eating, living...