Josef Davies-Coates

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I'm the founder of United Diversity and a co-founder of The Open Co-op

My focus is on creating p2p land, money and media systems.

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  • Valérie Dagrain

    Hi Josef Davies-Coates! tell me more about your skill. Don't hesitate to contact me if you come in France. br
  • Dmytri Kleiner

    Hi Joseph, yes, I've heard of RebTel, they have 10s of millions in venture capital to provide a similar service to what dialstation provides, but, of course, what is notable about dialstation is it's ownership model, we always knew and said we would have better funded competition, doesn't matter much to us, in the same way that the existence of factory farmed eggs is not competition to co-op produced organic free range eggs. We believe in the long term viability of our collective/free model, whatever our short term disadvantages. Cheers.
  • Tia Carr Williams

    Thankyou Josef.