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The Ethics Of Sharing: special issue of the International Review of Information Ethics

Via Felix Stalder:


More info via http://www.i-r-i-e.net/inhalt/015/015_full.pdf


"The current issue of the International Review of Information Ethics on the
ethics of sharing, guest-edited by myself and Wolfgang Sützl, is available
online now.

With contributions by Clemens Apprich, Michel Bauwens, Vito Campanelli,
Alessandro Delfanti, Marie-Luisa Frick/Andreas Oberprantacher, Mayo Fuster
Morell, and Andras Wittel.

   … This issue brings together contributions towards an ethics of sharing
that embed the new technological potentialities linking them to their
actual social impact. In our understanding, information ethics “deals with
ethical questions in the field of digital production and reproduction of
phenomena and processes such as the exchange, combination and use of
information.” So, the task of developing an ethics of sharing is both
descriptive – helping us to understand the contemporary complexities of the
ethics of exchanging information as it emerges from using digital
technologies across a global range of social and cultural contexts – as
well as normative – helping us to address blind-spots and clarifying
possible ethical frameworks to address unresolved issues regarding these
practices. And what do we and should we finally do with the truly
impressive contributions gathered here to provide answers to the above
named questions and guidelines for the outlined task? We share them with
you leaving them to your appropriate use – whatever you may make out of it.

complete IRIE issue 15/2011 in pdf format

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