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Furtherfield launches the collection, The World of Free and Open Source Art' on the P2P foundation's Wiki

Via Marc Garrett, Furtherfield.org


See the new collection, The World of Free and Open Source Art' on the P2P foundation's Wiki.

at:  http://p2pfoundation.net/World_of_Free_and_Open_Source_Art

Collaboration and Freedom – The World of Free and Open Source Art.

A collection of artworks, texts and resources about freedom and openness
in the arts, in the age of the Internet. Freedom to collaborate – to
use, modify and redistribute ideas, artworks, experiences, media and
tools. Openness to the ideas and contributions of others, and new ways
of organising and making decisions together.

This non exhaustive collection is intended to inspire, inform and enable
people to apply peer-to-peer principles for making things and getting
organised together. We hope that all art lovers, makers, thinkers,
organisers and strategists will find something for them from this set of
imaginative, communitarian and dynamic contemporary practices.

Curated by Furtherfield: Ruth Catlow and Marc Garrett with additional
texts by Charlotte Frost and Rob Myers.

1 What You will Find in this Collection
2 Essays & Interviews
3 Radio Interviews
4 Artist Projects
5 Open Source Resources
- Open source services
- Organisational models and strategies
- Guides and how-tos
- Licensing
- Glossary for Beginners in FOSS Art

And at ACE/Thinking Digital

Commissioned by Arts Council England for Thinking Digital.

It will also be presented at the FLOSSIE (Women in FLOSS) conference in
November 15th. London.



Furtherfield commission 'Balloon Dog' by Rob Myers.

A downloadable freely licensed 3D model of an artwork to print and remix.
2011 Furtherfield commission.

Balloon Dog forms part of a series of shareable DIY 'readymades' for an
era of digital copying and sharing. Iconic objects from the history of
appropriation and remixing art are recreated as 3D-digital models. Users
can then download and send the digital model to 3D printers via the
Internet to receive their own physical artwork through the post at a
scale of their choosing.



Other Info:

A living - breathing - thriving networked neighbourhood - art,
technology & social change - claiming it with others ;)


Furtherfield – online arts community, platforms for creating, viewing,
discussing and learning about experimental practices at the
intersections of art, technology and social change.

Reviews, articles & interviews

Furtherfield Gallery – physical media arts Gallery (London).

Netbehaviour - Networked Artists List Community.

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