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A message from Lynne DeSilva-Johnson:


I'm hoping you'll take just a brief second to let me tell you about a project my team has been working on with all our hearts for the last two years, and consider helping us out now while we hang tenuously in nonprofit limbo.
For those of you who close emails as quickly as I do, here's the bullet points:
*EXIT STRATA : is an internationally networked community of artists and writers spanning all creative disciplines (including quite a few friends alums from a range of graduating classes, btw!)
*We have created a dynamic online forum for the modelling of paradigm shifting methodologies and process dialogue that aims to train todays creative professionals in the use of peer-to-peer network tools and theory to create bottom-up, sustainable agency (and solvency!) for THEMSELVES
*We mentor, model, and participate in the co-production of both digital and print publication as a strategy for the production of ongoing, artist driven documentation that is at its heart anti-competitive, shared, and collaborative. This is also done cooperatively via ongoing salons, workshops, and performances.
*We support collective efforts worldwide that are working towards changing creative production from the inside out, and perhaps most importantly, which model the way in which the human impulse to make and respond to life via art, music, poetry, dance, etc. can be used as a catalyst for lasting social change.
[done reading? you can click over to our indiegogo campaign now to learn more or support us]
That being said, we grew so quickly that I am now fielding several hundred daily emails from the global organizers at 100,000 Poets (and 100,000 Musicians) for Change for whom we have become the primary publication of record, not to mention from scores of creative people and groups who seek to be involved and use these tools...
On the phone with Michael Rothenberg, the founder of 100,000 Poets for Change, the other day, we commiserated about sharing the heartwrenching reality that is having so much good in your hands, so much potential for global movement, and not having enough financial support to be able to put all your energy into it. Every day that I have to, on top of teaching at CCNY as an adjunct and mentoring poetry in the NYC public schools go to my restaurant job at 6 am to fund this journal I want to cry -- a combination of exhaustion and knowing that my highly skilled, passionate hours are far better used serving this work.
And yet...? Like James Joyce, the dishwasher, there is a long tradition of just making do, because creative people do what they need to when they truly believe in what they are doing. And after all -- this is exactly WHY we are doing what we are doing: so other artists, musicians, writers, dancers, etc. are able to sustain themselves through their work -- and in the process come to realize the true, immediate (and lasting) VALUE of that work as more than a personal conceit. As a shared impulse of all humans regardless of origin, creed, or belief system, and one that bears the potential to align us beyond those categorizations.
In our indiegogo campaign we are seeking merely the cost of publication and technical support for the next year, humbly coming to our community simply for enough to not have to gauge ourselves beyond the countless hours of volunteer labor this work represents. 
We are sponsored by Fractured Atlas which means every donation is tax-deductible, and there are many options for terrific SWAG along with that! 
We are also open to corporate sponsorship, technical assistance, or anything you can think of. AND! incredible talented creative folk, please feel free to email me here or at editors@exitstrata.com if you want to get involved in some other way!
Even copying and pasting this link, and sharing it with your social networks, would be a great gift to me...to us.
From the bottom of my heart.
Your Friend

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