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Principled Societies Project website is now live

via John Boik:

I am happy to announce that Principled Societies Project website is now live. The project is a science-based effort to design and test pioneering systems of finance, economics, and governance that improve well-being and speed the transition to a sustainable society. The goal is to create fully functional, metro-scale pilot trials in which the impacts of new systems can be assessed. Systems to be tested include local currencies, socially responsible corporate models, and online voting and e-democracy. Rather than replacing current systems, they act as complements. 

The second thing I would like to announce is that my new book, "Creating Sustainable Societies: The Rebirth of Democracy and Local Economies" is now available as a free PDF at the website. You can also order it in paperback or e-book format from booksellers everywhere. The book provides a framework for the new financial, economic, and governance systems tested by the Principled Societies Project. 

In brief, the book provides a fresh look at how modern Internet technology and developments in the social sciences can be applied to strengthen local economies, create new and better jobs, and offer greater support for local schools, nonprofits, and public services. If you are teaching, please consider including it in your class materials. 

The address is www.PrincipledSocietiesProject.org

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