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School of Commoning Announces - a New Commons Video and Seminar

The School of Commoning has just published “Voices from the Commons,” a new video you can find here at the home page of the Campaign for Commons Literacy


It brings into focus some of the most essential and evocative questions about the commons, addressed by such eminent commons thinkers/activists as Silke Helfrich, Michel Bauwens, and James Quilligan, as well as our School of Commoning team. The video quality can be improved and it will, but the rich content makes it worth watching even in this early release.

Please note also that we are organizing a seminar on “Managing the Local and Global Commons” led by James Quilligan, near the end of this month, 27th of September, which will be live webstreamed for those who are not based in London.  For more information and to register for this event please visit our Meet-Up site -
 School of Commoning Events


Warm wishes from the School of Commoning Team

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