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Planetary Forum = a project for a global forum where everyone has the right to speak and vote on all the subjects that one feels related to

Proposed by elf Pavlik at Rise Up Labs:

"Please feel officially invited to join the "Planetary Forum" which I like to compare to the mythical concept of 'the round table' just thanks to our current technology with a 'seat' for every single human being interested in participation. Please also feel free and even encouraged to invite all the people you know for participation and creating it.

I have just started putting some information at: https://we.riseup.net/planetary-forum

Please join the group if you would like with helping this structure to emerge.

We can also think of it as a replacement for currently still existing governments which I believe already face very rapid obsolescence. In a "Planetary Forum" everyone have right to speak and vote on all the subjects that one feels related to. To create it we will use existing technology, mostly internet, and keep it in decentralized distributed way. I would prefer us to put big emphasis on meeting in person in groups from 2 to hundreds or thousands of people and just use technology to digitally share real live sessions with all other people interested."

Reach the author via perpetual-tripper@wwelves.org

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