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Today, our rights and the overall quality of our life heavily depend on how software is used around us. Quite often, even people who already spend much time online don't realize all the ways in which computer influence their lives. With the Digital Citizens Basic online course I try to explain all this, in the simplest possible way.


This course is quite different from most courses with similar names, not to mention programs like the European Computer Driving License. Those other courses are either limited at the purely technical level ("to send an email, click on that icon, then push that button") or to provide useful, but superficial "social, digital survival" skills, things like "what to do to not be harassed online" or "this is how you tweet or start your own blog".


This course is different because it attempts to explain how computers are really changing our lives (even when we do not personally use them) and why we should really care. For this reason, it is a complement to those other courses and, if I can say so, can be very useful also to the so-called "digital natives", not to mention all parents, public employees and teachers.



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