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Getting the Commons on the Rio+20 agenda: your votes are needed!

Via George Por:

"Just got this message from from Helene Finidori, a new colleague in SoC. Please share it your circles.

Hello Commoners!

Here is a recommendation on the commons that I submitted on behalf of the Commons Action at the UN that could be presented for adoption to governments at the Rio Summit (or rather to put the commons on the radar). I have been advised by one of the panel members (who likes the commons as an overarching action concept) that if we wanted the reco to pass, it should be part of the 10 most voted ones on the Rio Dialogues website within the next two days!

The recommendation currently has 12 votes (only submitted a few days ago) and would need over 100 to pass (this may change if other recos are boost up by voting campaigns). That should be reached easily if we mobilize.

Please register on the Rio Diaologue website and vote to put the commons on the agenda to drive sustainability policy and the adoption of a commons-based economy. 

Rio Dialogues website: https://www.riodialogues.org/

The recommendation: Sustainable development requires new institutions to steward and manage the global commons and adopt commons-based economic models - https://www.riodialogues.org/node/240649

Please vote and circulate wider than this distribution list NOW to get the commons on the radar.

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