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Furtherfield Appeal: create and share a culture that means more to more people


***Furtherfield Appeal: Just 3 weeks left to raise £7000***

Furtherfield /span>http://www.furtherfield.org/>
 - A living, breathing, thriving network for art, technology and
social change since 1997

A big thank you to all of those people who have responded so
generously to our appeal for donations. We have raised nearly £3000 in
5 weeks and have been very heartened by the appreciation that people
have shown with their support.

We are still aiming to raise another £7000 by the end of the month so
if you would like to see Furtherfield's work continue, please do help
out if you can.

To make a single or monthly donation press here.


Then please come to the gallery and allow us to kiss you on both
cheeks (or at least shake your hand) at the Furtherfield Donor's
Gratitude and Appreciation Party.

*What people say about Furtherfield*

"You have created a true Peer 2 Peer philosophy of art, with a great
network and reach!!" - Michel Bauwens, Founder of the P2P foundation

"The People's Serpentine Gallery of North London" - Erica Scourti.
Labkultur.tv (DE)

"The multifaceted levels of cultural production at Furtherfield
signal to those "in the know" that, curatorially speaking, they are
the 21st century version of Pound's "antennae" picking up
transmissions before most of us can even make a connection..." - Mark
Amerika. Artist, writer, media art and performance.

*Read more

*More about the Furtherfield Appeal*

For 16 years we have worked in solidarity with artists, techies,
activists, adventurous art audiences to create and share a culture
that means more to more people.

Last year 160,000 people visited Furtherfield's online platforms from
around the world. At our new gallery in the heart of Finsbury Park
, North London, we have connected with over 5000 more people from the
local area, visitors from across London, the UK and internationally.

We have never asked you for money before. The talent and generosity
of contributors and participants and the support of Arts Council
England and Haringey Council have kept the engine running till now.
But if we are to go on with this work we have to ask for your help.

*With your donation *Furtherfield's programme of three Summer
exhibitions will feature a festival of glitch art, renowned artists of
culture hacking such as Cornelia Solfrank, followed by legendary
network MCs Mark Amerika and Shu Lea Cheang. See our past exhibitions

*With your donation *our gallery Clear Spots programme
 will continue to act as a showcase space for artists, techies and
activists to shape the world in a way that enables everyone to get

*With your donation *Furtherfield will continue to develop community
technology workshops /span>http://www.furtherfield.org/programmes/events>
 to get as many people as we can involved in building their own layer
of digital culture in and around Finsbury Park, with games, tech
recycling, making music, film, robots and community blogs.

All donors of more than £50 will be listed for public thanks on the
Furtherfield Supporters webpage
 and on the gallery walls at Furtherfield for 2013/14.

You have our heartfelt thanks. We'll let you know how we get on and
that invitation will be winging its way to you shortly.

*The Furtherfield Crew*


Furtherfield is supported by Haringey Council and Arts Council
England through the National Portfolio funding programme.

Furtherfield /span>http://www.furtherfield.org>
 - A living, breathing, thriving network

for art, technology and social change since 1997

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