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ExploitHub launchs 'Charities and Causes Program', the P2P Foundation is part of it

ExploitHub Authors Can Now Split Their Payouts with Selected Charities.

ExploitHub, the first legitimate marketplace for validated, non-zero-day exploits, announced today the introduction of the ExploitHub Charities and Causes Program. This program allows Authors that submit exploits and other products to the ExploitHub market to split their revenue with selected charities.

Three initial charities may now receive donations via the ExploitHub revenue split mechanism as of today's launch. These charities are the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), Hackers for Charity, and the P2P Foundation.

“Early on we implemented a feature of ExploitHub where an Author could split the revenue payout among more than one Author. This was originally intended to allow for the Authors of collaborative works to be properly compensated. Since we have this feature available, why not let Authors split their payouts with a favorite charity or cause?" said Dustin D. Trammell, Director of Technology for ExploitHub. “Today, we're happy to announce our Charities and Causes program, which allows ExploitHub Authors to do just that.”

ExploitHub functions by accepting non-zero-day exploits and other products from Authors and making them available for sale via the exploithub.com website. Penetration Testers, Security Device and Software Vendors, and other interested parties can then purchase these exploits to perform comprehensive and accurate security assessments. ExploitHub takes a percentage of each sale to cover business expenses.

More information on ExploitHub’s Charities and Causes Program can be found at http://www.exploithub.com/charities-and-causes. Charities and other notable causes that benefit from donations may find out more or inquire about enrolling by contacting charities@exploithub.com.

About ExploitHub

ExploitHub is the information security community's first legitimate marketplace for validated, non-zero-day exploits. Our goal is to close the capabilities gap between the cyber-criminals and white hats by enabling defenders to perform more comprehensive testing of their defenses. Greater access to functional exploits permits penetration testers to perform comprehensive and accurate assessments quicker and more efficiently. Security Vendors can also more adequately test the effectiveness of their products. The ExploitHub marketplace further empowers a diverse industry of security researchers to monetize their work and contribute to improving security defenses. For more information, visit http://www.exploithub.com.

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