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Building Digital Commons – Barcelona, 29-30 October 2011

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On & Off Welcome!!!! Benvinguts i benvingudes!!!

Why / What?

The Building digital commons (online & offline) event  aims to create entrance doors and give projection  to collaborative communities building digital commons, encourage the mutual learning and support between digital commons critically following similar values and principles, building bridges between action and research, and address new frontiers and cutting-edge questions.

The new technologies offered a big opportunity to create, innovate and collaborate to share and build information and knowledge resources. Still the emergingcommons forms have limitarions and ambivalences. Furthermore, we are living challenging times, with an ongoing growth of theenclosure of the digital commons.

Goals are:

  • Stress the makers & creators approach – To increase the visibility and address the specificities of collaborative communities around the building of digitals commons as part of the overall free culture and digital rights movement.
  • Mapping digital commons and promote common actions – identify initiatives, promote coalitions and find ways to support each other.
  • Systematize experiences & learn from each other (at the legal, infrastructural, sustainable, participation and governance levels). Learn from participative communities such as Wikipedia and others, and other sectors of social and collaborative production, such as cooperative.
  • Create procommons references –To remark the distinction between the governance of digital commons and other forms of corporate-providers communities and promote free and open infrastructure.
  • Build bridges between action and research on commons as a form of governance, production, and horizon of socio-political transformation.


Pre-event activities: Booklet: Basic readings on the topics of the event for participants & Questioner & interviews to participants. 

Working lines:

Outcomes: A “How to manual on digital commons: participation engagement, sustainability formulas and over all digital commons networking” and a “Digital commons alliance/network” will be the resulting outcomes of the event.

Participantion is expected and welcomed presentially and/or online. Catalan – English – Spanish translation will be provided.

Amical Viquipedia and Institute of Goverment and Public Policies (IGOP) (Autonomous University of Catalunya) are the main event promotors, and Wikimedia Foundation is the main supporter.

Building Digital Commons

Building Digital Commons built upon and is celebrated in continuation with the Free/Libre Culture Forum in order to facilitate the contact of collaborative communities building digital commons with other groups advocating for the rights of free culture and knowledge (as Free Culture Forum’s participants: artists, musicians, activists and lobbies for digital rights, among others).

Building Digital Commons endorse:

Participate online: IRC #Dimmons & wiki & streaming


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