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Call for #GlobalSpring for #GlobalChange

Call for #GlobalSpring for #GlobalChange

Fellow humans,
People from the Indignados and Occupy movements from across the world call for a Global Spring, beginning this May.
1st May, 12th May,15th May and the G8/NATO summits in Chicago from May 19th- 21st, will grab the world’s attention and escalate the global movement for economic and social justice.  We invite you to join us in our fight for freedom, equality, peace, justice and real democracy across the world by joining the Global Spring.
We exist not simply to protest our indignance but to work together to build alternatives. We will not merely demonstrate to demand change from those who rule us but will pursue the creation of our own alternatives that promote justice, peace and sustainability. 
We are committed to a system of inclusive participatory democracy so we call on all organizations, movements and individuals interested in participating to join the planning and coordination of the Global Spring.
Our principal method of organisation is the regular international voice conference we hold. To access information regarding these meetings please see:http://international.democraciarealya.es/12m/
We invite you to join us in persuing alternatives to create a fair and free world and we ask you to spread this invitation.
In love and solidarity.
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