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Anonymous Strike Notice – Global WikiStrike 11.11.11

Anonymous Strike Notice – Global WikiStrike 11.11.11

Dear friends, comrades, peers,

Please read the below anonymous/open strike notice! If you agree and would like to endorse please localise/translate the text, pass it to your local and national press, and spread the text virally via your individual and collective online and offline networks! 

Do not forget the process begins tomorrow 11:11 am GMT globally. 

In solidarity!

Anonymous Strike Notice

Global WikiStrike 11.11.11

Decommodify the Commons, Build a P2P Economy, Reclaim Life, Peace and Justice on Earth

On November 11th 2011 at 11:11 AM GMT

We declare that we have no division among us, the people united. We are united as humanity and nature, one whole planet. We are ONE and we are here for ALL, including the 1%! 

We declare that we need to take over the world agenda, to shape our future together, in a bottom-up, horizontal and egalitarian way! Let’s make real democracy a reality and put an end to the ‘ancient regime’ of the elite.

We call Occupy Together/Democracy Real Ya!/Take The Square/15O/15M Movements, Anonymous, LulzSec, WikiLeaks, OpenLeaks, Yes Man, Avaaz, The Zeitgeist Movement, Zapatistas, Water Warriors, Slum Dwellers, Street Traders, NetWorkers, Free Culture and information activists, environmentalists, unionists, feminists, anti-war activists, political parties, and all other like-minded groups and individuals from every country, to support this cause by engaging in law making processes within their nearest occupy assemblies around the world and linking your actions in the WikiStrike framework!

The current political alteration process can, eventually, replace current production, ownership and distribution relationships across the globe with fundamentally egalitarian ways of distributed, peer to peer economies through which we could protect the planet, realise justice and maintain peace.

In such P2P economies we could reclaim the Commons from the grip of greed. We could contribute to work needed to be done for collective good, not more than 4 hours a day. This way we could physically reproduce ourselves and maintain life for others. We could use the rest of the time to flourish and for self realisation. Today we have the material conditions to realise such transition.

In order to move further, we need time. We need to get back the trillions of dollars the 1% has stolen from the people and realise 4 hour work days and basic income for all.

It is possible and it is a more realistic response to the crisis the elite caused, we need this to be able to build and lead the transition towards P2P alternatives.

Today, we launch a world wide and continuous WikiStrike involving traditional industrial action as well as new generation media actions, leaks, hackatons, occupations, meditations, art strikes and many other creative and peaceful forms of self-expression to make this happen.

Understanding the world is not enough, we need to change it and we must to do it now! 

Join the world wide strike and global demo on 11.11.11!

Reclaim life! 

4 Hour-Work-Day and Global Basic Income now and for all!

People United

United as One, Divided by Zero







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