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Transforming Our Financial System ... From the Bottom Up

The central bankers of the world are planning to meet in Europe to
redesign the financial system from the top down. From Friday, October
24 through Tuesday, October 28, a diverse group of permaculturists,
entrepreneurs, community leaders, and investment strategists are
gathering in Hohenwald, Tennessee, to transform the financial system
from the bottom up, contributing to efforts that are spreading
virally, creating liquidity and economic health.

Get the Details on the Financial Permaculture Conference


For those of you who will not be joining us in person at the
conference, we hope you will join us in the blogosphere -- by either
posting at your blog, commenting at one of ours, referring our blog to
your network (www.solari.com/blog/), or just enjoying the discussion.

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Comment by Skoria on October 31, 2008 at 10:39

I just joined, so this is a pretty random place for a first comment. Great to find this - IT oriented yet ecological and aware of modern systems of creativity - a combination that's hard to find!

But about this article I want to add that the Soil Association in the UK is launching a new campaign for food and energy security, starting with a conference in Bristol in November, where they will launch a manifesto.

They are very strongly placed to see the problems with the current food supply and how dependent it is on the money markets currently so at risk. To avoid supply problems or even famine it will be crucial to have a very big joined up campaign to raise awareness and take practical action.

This news has only been released to members so far but it will be a large campaign with lots to do from the grass roots to the top levels of society (those for example, who can afford the exorbitant conference rates) - so check their website as this info will be appearing there shortly. Another aspect is that they plan to treat the UK's food security plan as a blueprint for other countries, so the Soil Association International willl be launched soon.

Comment by Michel Bauwens on November 1, 2008 at 4:24
Skoria, thanks for this extra info. We would be happy to report on this in our regular blog as well, it has 2,000 readers per day, more than this community so far. So as soon as you have more formal and detailed info, please let us know,

We need more people monitoring the intersection between p2p and ecology/energy issues, see already http://p2pfoundation.net/Category:Ecology


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