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FLOSS Manuals (http://www.flossmanuals.net) is proud to announce the
opening of our new Book Store. Not only can you now buy our high quality
manuals about Free and Open Source Software as books, but you can also
host the store on your own website! The FLOSS Manuals Book Store can be
nested in your website with a few easy lines of code pasted into your
webpages. The Book Store has been designed to fit neatly into navigation
bars and the sidebar of blogs and it can be modified to fit the look and
feel of any webpage.

All manuals produced in FLOSS Manuals are written by a community, of a
high quality, and are available free online; however, many people prefer
to read paper versions, or they may wish to give books to friends to
promote Free and Open Source Software. Hence the launch of the FLOSS
Manuals Bookstore. "It's all about promoting Free and Open Source
Software" says Adam Hyde, founder of FLOSS Manuals. "Documentation is a
fantastic marketing and educational tool. There are many many people
that won't use or know about this software unless they can read about
it. We hope that our bookstore will promote its adoption and use."

The FLOSS Manuals Book Store can be embedded in a website by cutting and
pasting a few lines of code, and we encourage anyone to add it to their
own blogs and homepages. This is truly Web 2.0 meeting the publishing
world, "We don't need a physical shop to sell the books when we have the
web." says Hyde. "If we can convince all those Free and Open Source
Software fans to host a FLOSS Manuals Bookstore on their site then we
have the biggest shop window you can imagine. A viral book store like
this is a fantastic opportunity to put the software in front of people
that would not otherwise know of it."

It's all in place now and the first printed titles include : One Laptop
per Child, Sugar, and FLOSS Manuals. These will soon be followed by
books about Audacity, Inkscape, Wikimedia Commons, and Pure Data.

Note on manual pricing : All manuals have a 2 euro ($2.50 US Dollar)
mark-up that goes back into the development of the documentation.
Manuals can always be downloaded for free from FLOSS Manuals. Currently
there is no commission available for sales generated from hosted web

For more information see:

Contact :
Adam Hyde
Founder FLOSS Manuals

About FLOSS Manuals
FLOSS Manuals is a non-profit foundation based in Amsterdam. The
foundation creates free, open source documentation for free, open source
software. FLOSS Manuals is also a community of free documentation
writers that publish free manuals about free software across multiple
languages. FLOSS means "Free Libre and Open Source Software".

About Free and Open Source Software
Free and Open Source Software has developed outside and alongside of the
more restrictive licenses and copyrights of the proprietary software
environment. Free software can be used by anyone for any purpose: users
can study the source code, adapt it to their needs, and whether or not
they modify it, they can redistribute both the software and its source

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