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Update on Campaign for Commons Literacy

Via George Por:


The Campaign for Commons Literacy is definitely progressing although not as rapidly as we would like it. So far the http://www.indiegogo.com/CommonsCampaign page with our video got 2935 page views; we have 14 crowdfunders who donated a total of $946; our Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/SchoolOfCommoning attracted 144 “Likes.”


Even more important than those figures is the outpouring of interest and solidarity that triggers good conversations, in which people from different continents and walks of life tell us about their enthusiasm for getting involved with the campaign in various ways. So the Campaign is already becoming what it was intended to: one of the dynamic hubs of the commons movement. 


Another important news is that we’re merging with the Commons Learning Alliance, under the name of School of Commoning. By the end of next week, we plan to launch the Campaign Commons, a multi-platform web space, centered on the SoC site as its coordination and learning hub. 


We are also planning to use James Quilligan visit to the UK later this month, to feature him in our Meetings with Remarkable Commoners that Michel Bauwens graciously inaugurated in May. In December, we hope to introduce Silke Helfrich to the London commoning scene, in the same series.


To finish this message, let me quote a graffiti on our Facebook wall:


All boats rise with the tide. And so it is with commoning. Working together raises our collective potential for a higher quality of life. 

The current tide of history is the Commons.


Here’s a beautiful illustration, giving us a visual reminder of that simple fact of life: 



for the Commons!

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