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Launch of P2P Farming and land trust project in Chiang Mai area


Via Layne Hartsell:


Request info via hartsellml@gmail.com


"Recently I wrote an article for the Journal of Nanoethics on an inspiring young philosopher/activist named Donnie Maclurcan, at the University of Technology (Sydney) and the Post-Growth Institute. The article was on the intricacies of nanotechnology and global equity in economics for the Global South, and is due out September 7. 

Last evening, I happened to receive this video (below) from my friend, economist Michel Bauwens of the P2P Foundation, sending along an introduction to, guess who? A pleasant surprise! Here is Donnie in the streets of Sydney, handing out money, and with Noam Chomsky commenting from MIT on Maclurcan's Free Money Day.

To support the Post-Growth Institute and P2P Farming, my wife, village economist Patcharin Chaimongkol, and I, will be giving away half of our small land holdings in Chiang Mai, Thailand to begin a land trust for up and coming permaculture farmers, and to support the Post Growth Institute Initiative. 

Here is some inspiration to have a some fun! Check out this video :-)

Sincerely, Layne Hartsell

Researcher in philosophy of ethics and technology
Sungkyunkwan University
South Korea

Adjunct Faculty
Mahidol University Medical Center
Department of Molecular Medicine
Bangkok, Thailand

The Open Knowledge Technology Group
Chiang, Mai Thailand

Seoul Global Study Group
Seoul, South Korea

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