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CubeSpawn in the NASA TechBriefs Contest (UPDATE)

Letter to the P2P community

I've been all over the web this week, blogging, posting comments on technical boards, chatting in IRC and the like.


So far its paying off - I'm 7 votes from being #3 out of over 400 entries in the contest - I am shooting for #1 which will require 31 additional votes as of today - but its a moving target - I'd like to invite any and all to cast their votes for this project. The process takes about 5 minutes. The contest ends on the 30th of June.

You can Vote Here: http://contest.techbriefs.com/machinery-and-equipment-2011/1531


This system, (Cubespawn) is Completely open Source - I'll continue to publish the blueprints, any diagrams we make and all the details relating to the project.


But an injection of funding would be greatly beneficial - and this contest provides a viable way for that to happen.

if you support: Hackerspaces, local food systems, aquaponics, local recycling, rainwater capture, wind or solar power -- then this project may have something to offer you - system components for all those kinds of systems will be a primary focus once the system is capable - second only to adding designs to the CubeSpawn system itself.


CubeSpawn is a way to implement "Downloadable" Machines: all the fabrication steps will be inherent in the system - it may take a looong time to develop, but the more its used the faster it will improve, and grow in capabilities.


I hope you can see how making things from recycled materials, locally, could benefit you or your community, and that you vote to help the project get funding - and invite others to do the same.



James Jones

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