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CubeSpawn in the NASA TechBriefs Contest (UPDATE)

Letter to the P2P community

I've been all over the web this week, blogging, posting comments on technical boards, chatting in IRC and the like.


So far its paying off - I'm 7 votes from being #3 out of over 400 entries in the contest - I am shooting for #1 which will require 31 additional votes as of today - but its a moving target - I'd like to invite any and all to cast their votes for this project. The process takes about 5 minutes. The contest ends on the 30th of…


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CubeSpawn Needs Votes to Get Funded!

For those that have followed the developments in CubeSpawn: I'll give a brief introduction to the current request for support,


For folks new to the concept: I'll give a short overview and describe what I see as the benefits to this approach over the current, unstructured approach to Open Source Hardware


My Request:

I have placed an Entry in…


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P2P Etiquette

I am hopefully not breaking P2P etiquette here, but my Kickstarter project funding seems to be stalled.

If I am to make further progress this year, I need to make this work.

So, I am requesting that you consider 5 or 10 dollars for the project, its is less about the amount, than about attracting a show of interest and support. This is a reasonably small sum, and you'll all have access to the full plans when they are published in march 2010. Equally important is for interested… Continue

Added by James Jones on January 3, 2010 at 2:00 — 1 Comment

Observations on "Open Everything"

I was finally able to slow down enough from catching up on things and do a little exploring of the P2P site. And so, had the chance to watch Mr. Bauwens TEDx “Open Everything” presentation .

I was most taken by the observations about the shifts between periods of acceptable norms in society, and their reflected effects on the structure of governance. Especially as it relates to the current transition.

A more concise analogy might be that small independent bubbles form at… Continue

Added by James Jones on December 27, 2009 at 20:00 — 1 Comment

Social Implications of Local Fabrication

Reposted from the CubeSpawn site

As the title implies, there is more to local fabrication than meets the eye.

How would things change (meaning society in general) if local fabrication became the predominant form of production? This is speculative, but some likely consequences emerge:

Converting to local fabrication has at least four potential impacts,

• Improved economic independence

• Significant… Continue

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This is a brief re-hash of the basic premise, assumptions, and intents relating to the "CubeSpawn" project.

CubeSpawn is an open source, Flexible Manufacturing System (FMS)

The fundamental premise is two-fold:

1) To provide a hardware framework to encapsulate other open source manufacturing technology.

2) To accelerate the adoption of a System for manufacturing that combines… Continue

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