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Reality Hacker looking for a voice to deliver the message that control must rest in Consumption (use), not Creation (work).

I'm also a 10+ year W32 system-level (some Ring0 drivers) software developer now running GNU/Linux (UBUNTU Hardy) working toward a simplified but otherwise accurate simulation of nature and property as a basis for direct observation and the debugging of any Modes of Production the users of that game choose to develop.

Let me know if you need puter help.

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  • Maria

    hello you, thanks for your answer in the group about hosting - you gave me lots to think about today...will respond soon. what you are talking about reminds me of where i work -

    let's keep talking...
  • John Hammink

    Hello there! Thanks for your reponse to my post on quality of experience (service quality).

    I just wanted to send you a quick note to let you know that I'm interested in what you are doing - although I am travelling this week and probably wont get back to you. There is much food for thought here, and I am very intrigued by what you are doing and proposing.


    let's keep this going
  • John Hammink

    ...wont get back to you this week - I meant....