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Are you a human?
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I have been networking for some years and am interested to see humanity become a more compact, stable, intelligent reality.

Needed changes, brainstormed together with Robin and Susan in January 2003 on Terceira island, Azores:

Genova, the Azores and our Common Future

My focus is principally in three areas:

Natural health (Health Supreme)

Physics and new energy (my blog)

and economics/new monetary systems. This last one does not have a dedicated site, so both Health Supreme and the physics blog have some stuff on it. Some articles are on my earlier site as well.

My desire: help prepare humanity for our entry into a new space age ...
How did you come across this network?
Michel Bauwens pointed me here.

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  • Oscar Waldt

    Hey Sepp, can you accept my friend request please :p ?

  • Oscar Waldt

    Ow sorry I didn't got your last message - it's quite private, I'd like to send you a PM actually.

  • Oscar Waldt

    Please my friend accept me, just for the PM, we can unfriend after