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I am a researcher and lecturer with interests in several areas, but my primary interest lies in subject s (human and humans in networks) as productive entities and how new political economic models such as peer to peer challenge the supposed hegemony of capitalism. I am thus interested in the philosophical underpinnings of the idea of work, dynamics throughout history of industrial relations and social forces, postindustrial divisions of labour, and radicalised production both immaterial and material. I have a range of publications in these areas. I am also a founder of the Manchester Film Cooperative.
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I met a few of the members at the Oekonux conference in Manchester March 2009.

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  • Michel Bauwens

    Do you know Korean sociologist Uuk Paik, who just joined?

  • Uuk Paik

    Hi, I want to meet you in Seoul.
    Are you researching something here in Korea?
    Please let me know your email or phone number.
    My email Id-->
  • Michel Bauwens

    great that you are both meeting up!!