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WSF Dakar Seminar: Africa and the Commons

Via Frederic Sultan:


(source: http://bienscommuns.org/cgi-bin/mailman/listinfo/dakar)


Seminar on Africa with strong commons connotation:



       Africa and the Crisis of Civilization: ruptures and challenges


I. Search for New Alternative Paradigms to industrial, productivity and consumerist Civilization

1.Decolonization: subverting the dominant order

Critical to the pattern of global power
Critical to the standard of knowledge of modernity
Economics and Eurocentrism: imperial social science
2.Critical to the civilizing ideals of capitalist progress

Development: growth, destruction, exclusion and inequity
Racist and patriarchal domination
From "having more" to “be more"

3. The ethical imperative for a biocivilization

To overcome the disruptions of the biosphere
Sustainability of the planet, life and societies x sustainability of development
Transforming social relations and productive forces: the inevitable merging of agendas for social justice and sustainability


       II. Agenda of Social Transformation

1.Strategic map of emancipatory struggles

The sense of fights for anti mercantilization of the planet, life and the commons
Relocation and repossession of power and economy in an interdependent and diverse world: a new architecture of power
The care, solidarity and the pursuit of sustainability

2.New articulation of pluralities and diversities

Dialogue and construction of platforms for inter social actors and inter cultural
 A new political culture based on ethics of rights and shared responsibilities
Horizontality and share: freedom of knowledge, dream and action

3.Dialogue with the COPs and Rio + 20


       (Assembly by objectives of the WSF)

       Moment to summarize proposals, planning and articulate

Agenda of the ongoing process
Build coalition and call around something to define new horizons for global citizenship in response to proposals on the table for Rio + 20OuvirLer foneticamente Dicionário - Ver dicionário detalhado
orden del día


       Final Assembly of the WSF 2011 – Presentation of Proposals and Plans

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