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Video streaming details on the International Commons Conference in Berlin

Via Silke Helfrich:

Please spread the following link and share it with whomever might be interested. THANK YOU SO MUCH!


For technical assistance please ask: Markus Reuter reuter@boell.de


Convened by Heinrich Böll Foundation in Partnership with Commons Strategy Group.

The International Commons Conference convenes for the first time leading leading commoners -- thinkers, activists, project
leaders from more than 30 countries, to explore shared concerns and formulate new strategies;

* To develop a shared critique of market fundamentalism and a new language of the commons despite people's highly diverse political,
economic and cultural circumstances;

* To identify and develop effective policy approaches for supporting AND GENERATING a wide variety of commons;

* To develop a robust international network to advance practical initiatives to strengthen the commons sector - in theory and practice.


Monday, Nov 1., 2010

10 am – 10.45 am
An Overview of the Commons as a Transformation-Paradigm

Keynotes & Debate
Ruth Meinzen-Dick, President, International Association for the Study of the Commons, USA
Michel Bauwens, Peer2Peer Foundation, Belgium/Thailand

2 pm – 2.45 pm
The Commons as a challenge for classical economic patterns & thinking
and a new narrative of the 21 century

Keynotes& Debate
Alberto Acosta, Economist, FLACSO, Ex-President of the Constituent Assembly of Ecuador:
Yasuní-ITT Initiative, an opportunity to rethink the world

Philippe Aigrain, La Quadrature du Net – Sopinspace, France:

New economical foundations for the commons
Can we imagine an economy that would be compatible with the commons? What support infrastructure would the commons need? What policymechanisms and resource pooling are necessary to maintain the commons?

3 – 4 pm Speed project presentation of exciting commons projects

Moderation: Beatriz Busaniche

Project 1: Open Hardware: Arduino, Massimo Banzi, Italy
Project 2: Commons – Spaces of the Poor: FES, Jagdeesh Rao, India
Project 3: Housing Commons:Mietshäusersyndikat, Axel Burkhardt, Germany
Project 4:Traditional Knowledge Commons:Natural Justice,
Gino Cocchiaro, Australia/South Africa
Project 5:Reputation Based Exchange Commons:Digital Trust Platform, John Clippinger, Gr The Law Lab, Harvard University, USA
Project 6: Digital Cultural Commons: José Murilo, Ministry of Culture, Brazil
Project 7: Urban Commons: Transition Town Movement, Gerd Wessling, Germany
Project 8:Credit Commons: Thomas Greco, USA


Tuesday, Nov.2, 2010

9.15 am – 9.45 am
The Commons challenges the market/state duopoly
Keynote and discussion
James Bernard Quilligan, Chairman of the Secretariat, Global Commons Trust, USA
Global citizens, social charters, and multilateralism 2.0:
what are the conditions for the emerging global commons?


9.15 am - 10.00
The generative logic of the Commons

Keynotes and discussion
Roberto Verzola, agricultural activist, Philippines
StefanMeretz, Keimform.de, Germany

During the workshop sessions:
11 am – 11.45 am Consolidation workshops

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