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UPdate: A Global Spring Strategy for a Peaceful World Revolution in 2011 – 2012 | Global Alliance for Immediate Alteration

UPdate: A Global Spring Strategy for a Peaceful World Revolution in...

Global Spring Strategy Proposal

1. Global Solidarity around the Commons [now-May 2012] 

2. Global Assemblies at the Global Square - Passing the Charters on the Commons – Collecting Petitions [#1MayDay-12 May 2012]

3. Global Mobilisation - Referendums [#12M]

4. Global Swarm Strike for Transition [#15M]

5. Another World – Universal Calendar Day 1 LightYear 1 [#1A]



Dear comrades, peers,


In 2011 we have achieved something never done before. We could upside down the course of things for the elite after they created a major systemic crisis. The conversation elite wished to see has become impossible. Real Democracy has became a commons, a globally shared slogan and ideal.  Arabian flame has spread towards the other continents and our anonymous, peer to peer, and global movement spread across the world.  It is now 15M, ‘Take the Square’, Real Democracy, Now!, and Occupy everywhere. 


In 2011 we identified the road to dignity and started to walk it. Now we know it goes, where we are going, and how to get there. We know that to make Real Democracy happen we have to replace current destructive and underdeveloped system with healthier, advanced, inspiring, and joyful ones. These two paths are going together.  So we are by now convinced that building alternative production, distribution, ownership mechanisms from bottom up  is not the most realistic response to the crisis of capital but the only way we have.


Therefore it is time to mobilize globally. In order to put immediate full stop on the austerity  cuts, bail-outs, and attacks towards our natural, cultural and political commons, including water, air, land. labour, money, internet and other common values that were forcefully commercialized by the privileged. 


In order to harmonize our forces, ideas, visions, demands against the global capitalist system and to realize real democracy across the world,  as GAIA peerage we call every individual to join all the Occupy movement in cyber and real spaces, organize and join positive non-violence, actions, demonstrations, hacks, strikes,  mobilizations and start building on commons, p2p production systems, cooperatives and share what every you produce with your peers and with those who is in need, And use your influence and networks in order to link all progressive and revolutionary forces to each other.


Our proposal for a Global Strategy for a peer global revolution has been updated as below:

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