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Unconference for Social Good Chiang Mai Feb 23 2013

Unconference for Social Good Chiang Mai 

February 23rd

Connecting Travelers, IT experts and Business Professionals with Non-Profit Organizations in S.E. Asia. 

Join like minded professionals in a day of idea sharing, networking and collaboration to seek more effective ways of helping the most disadvantaged in the world.


Business has undergone a major transformation in the last two decades. The dream of a couple people working on a startup in a garage and reaching the world has become more viable than ever. A laptop and internet connection are often the only ingredients necessary to bring world changing technologies to market. 

The ethos of the start up and programming cultures are starting to have a massive impact on the social good sector as well. However, the culture of sharing, collaboration and the focus on action over planning are not widespread yet. 

Attend the Unconference for Social Good in Chiang Mai to push the conversation further. 

What can we do now to help alleviate the social problems that still exist in the world?

Find out more information and register at: http://usgcnx.eventbrite.com/

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